Monday, January 02, 2006

Inclosia's Denim/Wood/Leather/Metal Gadgets

I was just mooching about on the HS Design website (as you do) when I came upon these Inclosia Solutions laptops developed in association with HS Design. Inclosia has been fiddling about with different fabrics (such as wood, metal, denim, leather and suede), creating an EXO Overmoulding System that can be added to your laptop, mobile phone, or any other gadget (presumably) to create something that's just a little bit different. These are the guys who helped develop those Tulip laptops, which uses the same overmoulding techniques to create the body of the notebook, and they've also worked with Microsoft to make a real leather mouse. This current batch of laptops appear to be just prototypes at the moment, but who knows: maybe someday you'll be clutching your denim-clad laptop to your denim-clad groin on your way to work.


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