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Friday, January 20, 2006

Gateway NX860 Notebook

Gateway NX860 — Leading Technology for Performance-Oriented Tech-Savvy Consumers

Power users who need a PC for home or home office applications will appreciate the 17-inch widescreen and advanced system and graphics performance as well as the extended battery life of the Gateway NX860. It is ideal for digital rendering and photo and video editing. Thanks to its powerful dedicated graphics, advanced Intel Core Duo processor and vibrant display, the Gateway NX860 is also ideal for mobile gaming.

Mainstream Models’ Increased Performance Meet a Variety of Needs

Gateway is also bringing Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology platform to its mainstream line of highly scalable notebook PCs. The models maintain their thin and light design, weigh below 6 pounds, offer a choice of 15-inch and 15.4-inch widescreen displays and provide more than 9 hours of battery life for an appealing balance of performance and portability.(2) Combined with a choice of three integrated Wi-Fi solutions, customers can easily move from location to location for all-day untethered computing.

Models noted below will be available and shipping early February.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hypersonic Aviator EX7 Notebook Review at LAPTOP Magazine

Laptop Magazine reviews the Hypersonic Aviator EX7 and writes - ‘Hypersonic’s monster gaming system, the Aviator EX7, is enormous in every sense of the word. A 17-inch desktop replacement notebook that weighs a whopping 13 pounds, this is an over-the-top computer with dream components and power under the hood that matches its intimidating physical presence. When it comes to the pure gaming experience, the Aviator soars, but its staggering $4,261 price tag will put it out of reach for most…. There are two basic facts about the Hypersonic Aviator EX7: it’s incredibly powerful, and it’s incredibly pricey. This is a luxury gaming system for people with oodles of cash to burn.’

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Apple Mac Book Notebook released at macworld keynote

Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pro notebook computer featuring the new Intel Core Duo processor which delivers up to four times the performance of the PowerBook G4. The new MacBook Pro, the first Mac notebook based on an Intel processor, features a stunning aluminum enclosure just one inch thin, weighs only 5.6 pounds, includes a built-in iSight video camera for video conferencing on-the-go, and the Apple Remote and Front Row software for a simple, intuitive and powerful way for users to enjoy their content wherever they go. The new MacBook Pro, available in February, also features Apple’s new patent-pending MagSafe magnetic power connector, designed especially for mobile users.

MacBook Pro delivers dual-processor desktop performance in a thin, sleek notebook,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “The new MacBook Pro, with its Intel Core Duo dual-core processor, delivers the performance of not just one, but two G5 processors in the world’s most stunning one inch thin design.”

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Friday, January 06, 2006

New VAIO SZ Series Packs High-End Features

Sony is one of the industry leaders in packing the latest technology into small frames. The Sony VAIO SZ series, part of the dual-core brigade, will replace the 13.3-inch wide S Series. The SZ series will feature the new Intel technology, a 100GB hard drive, and your choice of a carbon fiber (SZ Premium) or magnesium alloy (SZ Standard) chassis. The unit weighs less than 4 pounds, making it ideal for travel. It will also feature something unique: hybrid graphics. The VAIO SZ will have both Intel integrated graphics and discrete nVidia GeForce Go 7300 mobile graphics. You'll be able to switch between the two for more battery life (integrated graphics) or performance gaming (discrete). Among the other goodies are a fingerprint reader, built-in Webcam, and an integrated dual-layer DVD±R drive. The price for the SZ series start at $1,999, and units will begin shipping in February.
Sony VAIO SZ series.

On a smaller scale, Sony will also introduce the VAIO VGN-FE500. Similar to the FS Series, the FE500 is a 15.4-inch notebook with the latest Intel next-generation Duo Mobile technology. The FE500 will feature a powerful processor, 100GB hard drive, and Intel's new integrated graphics. This model will include Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, which was seen previously mostly on its 17-inch widescreen platforms and should improve the multimedia experience for consumers. The unit will also have an integrated Webcam and dual-layer DVD±R drive. The FE500 will be one of the more affordable Sony VAIO, starting at $1,699 and also shipping in February.

Work Life Balance: Mobile Entertainment
Recognizing notebook computing isn't strictly about business, the SZ series is also a mobile multimedia powerhouse. Sony's, exclusive Sound Reality™ technology enhances the listening experience and an advanced DVD+R double layer/DVD+RW drive creates DVDs and simplifies media storage. For easy transfer of video and other large multimedia files, the SZ series supports ExpressCard™, an emerging standard in smaller, faster PC card solutions.

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Fujitsu LifeBook N6410 adopts Intel Duo

Fujitsu has every intention of moving to the new Intel Centrino Duo technology, beginning with one of its best-selling LifeBook notebooks. The Fujitsu LifeBook N6410, the company's 17-inch widescreen model, will be refreshed with the Intel Core Duo processor. Although Fujitsu has not specified which processor will be used, our educated guess is probably the high-end T2500 or T2600. The N6410's design has undergone a minor makeover, adopting the grayish tint from the Fujitsu LifeBook N3510. In addition, you'll find PCI Express Graphics from the ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 (256MB) and dual 120GB SATA hard drives, totaling 240GB of storage. The unit will continue to have an integrated TV tuner and the option to upgrade to Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. Pricing and availability in Q01.


Intel Reveals New PC Platform - VIIV

LAS VEGAS—Intel Corp. has a new slogan: Viiv Las Vegas.
Paul Otellini, CEO of the chip giant, outlined plans to bring a wide range of content, from sports to first-run movies, to anyone with a broadband Internet connection and a remote control using its new Viiv PC platform, during a Thursday night keynote at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show, here.

While it incorporates new hardware and software, including Intel's latest Core Duo and Pentium D 900 series chips, and will spawn several different types of desktop PCs, Viiv represents a larger effort to bring together a mass of content and show it on a range of devices, including televisions and handhelds, allowing them all to seamlessly access and share music, movies, television and other media.

"What consumers have today is an internet video experience that's experienced in front of a…PC" from only about two feet away, Otellini said. "What consumers really want—what they tell us they want—is a big screen [which can be seen from afar and operated via a remote control] in the living room or in the bedroom."

Thus Intel designed Viiv from the ground up to become the conduit for the big screen, the silver screen as well as sports arenas and concerts, among other things, Otellini said.

Intel's efforts to build the Viiv platform included developing new hardware and software. However, Otellini indicated that gathering support for the platform proved the most difficult task, particularly when it came to Hollywood. Out of the 110 companies that are supporting Viiv at launch, 60 are content providers. Actors Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks and Danny DeVito also joined him on stage to show their support for the platform's ability to distribute films via the Internet.

Intel's Many Friends
Intel boasts alliances with Google, ClickStar Inc., DirecTV Inc., NBC and ESPN in addition to AOL and several others. Consumers who purchase Viiv PCs, which also come with Microsoft Corp.'s Windows XP Media Center Edition, will gain access to the services offered by these partners, assuming the consumer has a broadband Internet connection. Executives from ClickStar, DirecTV and AOL also joined Otellini on stage.

ClickStar, founded in part by Freeman, was created this summer in an effort to offer first-run movies via broadband within weeks of release in theaters. The company, in addition, aims to host movies created exclusively for Internet distribution, they said. ClickStar's first online film premier will be a comedy titled 10 Items or Less and will star Freeman and Paz Vega.

"The idea is for people to control their own material from start to finish and get in front of audience that wants to see it," Hanks said.

Intel will tap Google Video to allow users to consume video on their television and on portable devices wherever and whenever they choose, the chipmaker said in a statement, released Thursday night.

DirecTV, for its part, aims to use Viiv to provide content that consumers can share throughout their houses using the open DLNA standard, Chase Carey, DirecTV's CEO, said in an appearance on stage. The company is also working on satellite tuner box that place the company's satellite TV signal directly into PCs.

Jonathan Miller, chairman and CEO of AOL, said that AOL would offer its numerous services, including AOL Radio, AOL Pictures and, later this quarter, its AOL Music Service with over a million songs, to Viiv PC owners.

Intel is even working with NBC to bring the Olympics to Viiv, Otellini said. NBC will offer Viiv owners the ability to create their own personal portals for viewing the games via its Web site,, in early February.

What Viiv Looks Like
Viiv boxes will come in numerous forms, ranging form standard desktop forms, including towers and so-called small desktops to DVD-player-look-a-like living room style PCs and will begin rolling out as soon as this week. The machines, which all include dual core Intel processors as well as built-in high-definition audio, will start at less than $900, Intel executives said.

Tinier Viiv machines, resembling Apple Computer Inc.'s Mac Mini, are expected to come out later.

Having tapped the content available to them, Viiv owners will also be able to broadcast their Viiv content to home televisions—some of which will connect directly or via wireless to Viiv boxes—as well as handheld players. Older TV sets can be brought up to spec with so-called Media Adaptors, set tops that bridge the gap.

"Viiv literally changes how you watch television, how you watch the Internet, how you watch sports…all around the world," Otellini said. "Welcome to the new normal."

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Dell Introduces XPS Renegade

At CES, Dell unveiled the latest entry in its gaming and enthusiast XPS line. The new XPS, dubbed "Renegade," is a special limited-edition configuration that breaks the XPS mold in a number of ways. This is an ultra-high-end computer aimed and buyers for whom money is no object.

The new system sports a red flaming paint job that makes it stand out from every other Dell computer, but it's the inside components that are most interesting. The Renegade's CPU is a dual-core Pentium 4 Extreme Edition, mode 955, overclocked from the factory to a whopping 4.26GHz. The standard hard drive configuration is two 10,000 RPM 150GB Raptor drives, for which Dell has the first large volume availability. The system is cooled by the standard XPS 600 cooling system, though it will use a more powerful power supply, perhaps one from Dell's workstation line.

Most exciting is the new graphics configuration. This new limited edition XPS uses no less than four GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB graphics cards. That's right, it's quad graphics. Two of the cards are plugged into two x16 PCIe graphics slots in the nForce 4 based custom Dell motherboard, and the other two slave off those two. The GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB cards are custom made for Dell, and run at a slightly lower clock speed than standard 7800 GTX 512MB cards, but higher than the 256MB cards. The point of all this graphics power? To drive Dell's new 30" ultra hi-res LCD monitor, which sports a resolution of 2560x1600. We saw a demo of Call of Duty 2 running at this resolution, and it was amazingly sharp while still running at a good speed. Nvidia claims that with some anti-aliasing modes, because of all that graphics memory spread around, they achieve faster than 4x speedup over a single card.

We asked when the system would be available, but no exact date was given – we only know that you should be able to buy one in the first quarter. When we asked how much it would cost, Michael Dell only said, "It'll cost a lot."

One option buyers can choose to pair with this high-end system is the latest Dell 3007WFP 30-inch display. The Quad SLI graphics solution can drive the 2560x1600 display at high frame rates, even with modern, graphics intensive games such as Monolith's F.E.A.R.

Also included will be a Western Digital Raptor 150GB, 10,000RPM SATA drive and a pair of Western Digital 250GB, 7,200 RPM drives configured as either RAID 0 or 1.

Dell anticipates shipping the new XPS system by the end of January, with prices ranging from about $4,000 to 7,000 plus, depending on display and other options.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

ThinkPads to support Cingular 3G technology

Lenovo, the maker of ThinkPad laptops, plans to embed high-speed Internet access technology from Cingular Wireless into its laptops.

Starting in March, some ThinkPad notebooks will be preconfigured to access Cingular's newly built third-generation technology called BroadbandConnect, Lenovo said Wednesday. The network is based on two technologies, UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), a global 3G wireless standard, and HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access).

BroadbandConnect was launched in December and provides data download speeds of between 400 kilobits per second and 700kbps. Embedding the Cingular technology into laptops means that customers who subscribe to the Cingular service won't have to buy a separate network card. Consumers will be able to connect to the network anywhere they can receive a Cingular data service.

BroadbandConnect has been made available in 52 communities in the United States, according to the company, which plans to expand the network to most major markets in the U.S. by the end of 2006. In areas where the HSDPA/UMTS network is unavailable, ThinkPad users will be able to connect to Cingular's EDGE service, which provides download speeds of 70kbps to 135kbps. EDGE is available in about 13,000 cities across the U.S.

Because HSDPA/UMTS is the technology also used by wireless service providers in other parts of the world, such as Europe and Asia, ThinkPad users will have wireless access abroad in more than 90 countries where Cingular has data roaming agreements.

This is not the first agreement that Lenovo has struck with a wireless service provider. In September, it announced it would also embed high-speed wireless Internet access technology from Verizon Wireless into its products. Verizon Wireless uses a technology called EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized) to provide high-speed Internet