Friday, January 20, 2006

Gateway NX860 Notebook

Gateway NX860 — Leading Technology for Performance-Oriented Tech-Savvy Consumers

Power users who need a PC for home or home office applications will appreciate the 17-inch widescreen and advanced system and graphics performance as well as the extended battery life of the Gateway NX860. It is ideal for digital rendering and photo and video editing. Thanks to its powerful dedicated graphics, advanced Intel Core Duo processor and vibrant display, the Gateway NX860 is also ideal for mobile gaming.

Mainstream Models’ Increased Performance Meet a Variety of Needs

Gateway is also bringing Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology platform to its mainstream line of highly scalable notebook PCs. The models maintain their thin and light design, weigh below 6 pounds, offer a choice of 15-inch and 15.4-inch widescreen displays and provide more than 9 hours of battery life for an appealing balance of performance and portability.(2) Combined with a choice of three integrated Wi-Fi solutions, customers can easily move from location to location for all-day untethered computing.

Models noted below will be available and shipping early February.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hypersonic Aviator EX7 Notebook Review at LAPTOP Magazine

Laptop Magazine reviews the Hypersonic Aviator EX7 and writes - ‘Hypersonic’s monster gaming system, the Aviator EX7, is enormous in every sense of the word. A 17-inch desktop replacement notebook that weighs a whopping 13 pounds, this is an over-the-top computer with dream components and power under the hood that matches its intimidating physical presence. When it comes to the pure gaming experience, the Aviator soars, but its staggering $4,261 price tag will put it out of reach for most…. There are two basic facts about the Hypersonic Aviator EX7: it’s incredibly powerful, and it’s incredibly pricey. This is a luxury gaming system for people with oodles of cash to burn.’

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Apple Mac Book Notebook released at macworld keynote

Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pro notebook computer featuring the new Intel Core Duo processor which delivers up to four times the performance of the PowerBook G4. The new MacBook Pro, the first Mac notebook based on an Intel processor, features a stunning aluminum enclosure just one inch thin, weighs only 5.6 pounds, includes a built-in iSight video camera for video conferencing on-the-go, and the Apple Remote and Front Row software for a simple, intuitive and powerful way for users to enjoy their content wherever they go. The new MacBook Pro, available in February, also features Apple’s new patent-pending MagSafe magnetic power connector, designed especially for mobile users.

MacBook Pro delivers dual-processor desktop performance in a thin, sleek notebook,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “The new MacBook Pro, with its Intel Core Duo dual-core processor, delivers the performance of not just one, but two G5 processors in the world’s most stunning one inch thin design.”

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Friday, January 06, 2006

New VAIO SZ Series Packs High-End Features

Sony is one of the industry leaders in packing the latest technology into small frames. The Sony VAIO SZ series, part of the dual-core brigade, will replace the 13.3-inch wide S Series. The SZ series will feature the new Intel technology, a 100GB hard drive, and your choice of a carbon fiber (SZ Premium) or magnesium alloy (SZ Standard) chassis. The unit weighs less than 4 pounds, making it ideal for travel. It will also feature something unique: hybrid graphics. The VAIO SZ will have both Intel integrated graphics and discrete nVidia GeForce Go 7300 mobile graphics. You'll be able to switch between the two for more battery life (integrated graphics) or performance gaming (discrete). Among the other goodies are a fingerprint reader, built-in Webcam, and an integrated dual-layer DVD±R drive. The price for the SZ series start at $1,999, and units will begin shipping in February.
Sony VAIO SZ series.

On a smaller scale, Sony will also introduce the VAIO VGN-FE500. Similar to the FS Series, the FE500 is a 15.4-inch notebook with the latest Intel next-generation Duo Mobile technology. The FE500 will feature a powerful processor, 100GB hard drive, and Intel's new integrated graphics. This model will include Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, which was seen previously mostly on its 17-inch widescreen platforms and should improve the multimedia experience for consumers. The unit will also have an integrated Webcam and dual-layer DVD±R drive. The FE500 will be one of the more affordable Sony VAIO, starting at $1,699 and also shipping in February.

Work Life Balance: Mobile Entertainment
Recognizing notebook computing isn't strictly about business, the SZ series is also a mobile multimedia powerhouse. Sony's, exclusive Sound Reality™ technology enhances the listening experience and an advanced DVD+R double layer/DVD+RW drive creates DVDs and simplifies media storage. For easy transfer of video and other large multimedia files, the SZ series supports ExpressCard™, an emerging standard in smaller, faster PC card solutions.

[ Read]


Fujitsu LifeBook N6410 adopts Intel Duo

Fujitsu has every intention of moving to the new Intel Centrino Duo technology, beginning with one of its best-selling LifeBook notebooks. The Fujitsu LifeBook N6410, the company's 17-inch widescreen model, will be refreshed with the Intel Core Duo processor. Although Fujitsu has not specified which processor will be used, our educated guess is probably the high-end T2500 or T2600. The N6410's design has undergone a minor makeover, adopting the grayish tint from the Fujitsu LifeBook N3510. In addition, you'll find PCI Express Graphics from the ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 (256MB) and dual 120GB SATA hard drives, totaling 240GB of storage. The unit will continue to have an integrated TV tuner and the option to upgrade to Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. Pricing and availability in Q01.


Intel Reveals New PC Platform - VIIV

LAS VEGAS—Intel Corp. has a new slogan: Viiv Las Vegas.
Paul Otellini, CEO of the chip giant, outlined plans to bring a wide range of content, from sports to first-run movies, to anyone with a broadband Internet connection and a remote control using its new Viiv PC platform, during a Thursday night keynote at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show, here.

While it incorporates new hardware and software, including Intel's latest Core Duo and Pentium D 900 series chips, and will spawn several different types of desktop PCs, Viiv represents a larger effort to bring together a mass of content and show it on a range of devices, including televisions and handhelds, allowing them all to seamlessly access and share music, movies, television and other media.

"What consumers have today is an internet video experience that's experienced in front of a…PC" from only about two feet away, Otellini said. "What consumers really want—what they tell us they want—is a big screen [which can be seen from afar and operated via a remote control] in the living room or in the bedroom."

Thus Intel designed Viiv from the ground up to become the conduit for the big screen, the silver screen as well as sports arenas and concerts, among other things, Otellini said.

Intel's efforts to build the Viiv platform included developing new hardware and software. However, Otellini indicated that gathering support for the platform proved the most difficult task, particularly when it came to Hollywood. Out of the 110 companies that are supporting Viiv at launch, 60 are content providers. Actors Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks and Danny DeVito also joined him on stage to show their support for the platform's ability to distribute films via the Internet.

Intel's Many Friends
Intel boasts alliances with Google, ClickStar Inc., DirecTV Inc., NBC and ESPN in addition to AOL and several others. Consumers who purchase Viiv PCs, which also come with Microsoft Corp.'s Windows XP Media Center Edition, will gain access to the services offered by these partners, assuming the consumer has a broadband Internet connection. Executives from ClickStar, DirecTV and AOL also joined Otellini on stage.

ClickStar, founded in part by Freeman, was created this summer in an effort to offer first-run movies via broadband within weeks of release in theaters. The company, in addition, aims to host movies created exclusively for Internet distribution, they said. ClickStar's first online film premier will be a comedy titled 10 Items or Less and will star Freeman and Paz Vega.

"The idea is for people to control their own material from start to finish and get in front of audience that wants to see it," Hanks said.

Intel will tap Google Video to allow users to consume video on their television and on portable devices wherever and whenever they choose, the chipmaker said in a statement, released Thursday night.

DirecTV, for its part, aims to use Viiv to provide content that consumers can share throughout their houses using the open DLNA standard, Chase Carey, DirecTV's CEO, said in an appearance on stage. The company is also working on satellite tuner box that place the company's satellite TV signal directly into PCs.

Jonathan Miller, chairman and CEO of AOL, said that AOL would offer its numerous services, including AOL Radio, AOL Pictures and, later this quarter, its AOL Music Service with over a million songs, to Viiv PC owners.

Intel is even working with NBC to bring the Olympics to Viiv, Otellini said. NBC will offer Viiv owners the ability to create their own personal portals for viewing the games via its Web site,, in early February.

What Viiv Looks Like
Viiv boxes will come in numerous forms, ranging form standard desktop forms, including towers and so-called small desktops to DVD-player-look-a-like living room style PCs and will begin rolling out as soon as this week. The machines, which all include dual core Intel processors as well as built-in high-definition audio, will start at less than $900, Intel executives said.

Tinier Viiv machines, resembling Apple Computer Inc.'s Mac Mini, are expected to come out later.

Having tapped the content available to them, Viiv owners will also be able to broadcast their Viiv content to home televisions—some of which will connect directly or via wireless to Viiv boxes—as well as handheld players. Older TV sets can be brought up to spec with so-called Media Adaptors, set tops that bridge the gap.

"Viiv literally changes how you watch television, how you watch the Internet, how you watch sports…all around the world," Otellini said. "Welcome to the new normal."

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Dell Introduces XPS Renegade

At CES, Dell unveiled the latest entry in its gaming and enthusiast XPS line. The new XPS, dubbed "Renegade," is a special limited-edition configuration that breaks the XPS mold in a number of ways. This is an ultra-high-end computer aimed and buyers for whom money is no object.

The new system sports a red flaming paint job that makes it stand out from every other Dell computer, but it's the inside components that are most interesting. The Renegade's CPU is a dual-core Pentium 4 Extreme Edition, mode 955, overclocked from the factory to a whopping 4.26GHz. The standard hard drive configuration is two 10,000 RPM 150GB Raptor drives, for which Dell has the first large volume availability. The system is cooled by the standard XPS 600 cooling system, though it will use a more powerful power supply, perhaps one from Dell's workstation line.

Most exciting is the new graphics configuration. This new limited edition XPS uses no less than four GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB graphics cards. That's right, it's quad graphics. Two of the cards are plugged into two x16 PCIe graphics slots in the nForce 4 based custom Dell motherboard, and the other two slave off those two. The GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB cards are custom made for Dell, and run at a slightly lower clock speed than standard 7800 GTX 512MB cards, but higher than the 256MB cards. The point of all this graphics power? To drive Dell's new 30" ultra hi-res LCD monitor, which sports a resolution of 2560x1600. We saw a demo of Call of Duty 2 running at this resolution, and it was amazingly sharp while still running at a good speed. Nvidia claims that with some anti-aliasing modes, because of all that graphics memory spread around, they achieve faster than 4x speedup over a single card.

We asked when the system would be available, but no exact date was given – we only know that you should be able to buy one in the first quarter. When we asked how much it would cost, Michael Dell only said, "It'll cost a lot."

One option buyers can choose to pair with this high-end system is the latest Dell 3007WFP 30-inch display. The Quad SLI graphics solution can drive the 2560x1600 display at high frame rates, even with modern, graphics intensive games such as Monolith's F.E.A.R.

Also included will be a Western Digital Raptor 150GB, 10,000RPM SATA drive and a pair of Western Digital 250GB, 7,200 RPM drives configured as either RAID 0 or 1.

Dell anticipates shipping the new XPS system by the end of January, with prices ranging from about $4,000 to 7,000 plus, depending on display and other options.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

ThinkPads to support Cingular 3G technology

Lenovo, the maker of ThinkPad laptops, plans to embed high-speed Internet access technology from Cingular Wireless into its laptops.

Starting in March, some ThinkPad notebooks will be preconfigured to access Cingular's newly built third-generation technology called BroadbandConnect, Lenovo said Wednesday. The network is based on two technologies, UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), a global 3G wireless standard, and HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access).

BroadbandConnect was launched in December and provides data download speeds of between 400 kilobits per second and 700kbps. Embedding the Cingular technology into laptops means that customers who subscribe to the Cingular service won't have to buy a separate network card. Consumers will be able to connect to the network anywhere they can receive a Cingular data service.

BroadbandConnect has been made available in 52 communities in the United States, according to the company, which plans to expand the network to most major markets in the U.S. by the end of 2006. In areas where the HSDPA/UMTS network is unavailable, ThinkPad users will be able to connect to Cingular's EDGE service, which provides download speeds of 70kbps to 135kbps. EDGE is available in about 13,000 cities across the U.S.

Because HSDPA/UMTS is the technology also used by wireless service providers in other parts of the world, such as Europe and Asia, ThinkPad users will have wireless access abroad in more than 90 countries where Cingular has data roaming agreements.

This is not the first agreement that Lenovo has struck with a wireless service provider. In September, it announced it would also embed high-speed wireless Internet access technology from Verizon Wireless into its products. Verizon Wireless uses a technology called EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized) to provide high-speed Internet


HP Compaq nc6140 Notebook PC (2.0 GHz)

Cnet Review on HP nc6140: The nc6140 Notebook PC is HP's first laptop with WWAN capabilities, and it rounds out the company's lineup of business thin-and-lights, which includes the nx6110, the nx6125, and the nc6120 (see our "Down the line" feature for a detailed comparison of them). In addition to its integrated EV-DO cellular card, the nc6140 offers a nice design, a double-layer DVD burner, and endless connectors. Though the nc6140 lacks the performance power and long battery life of other WWAN laptops, such as the ThinkPad Z60t, it also costs a few hundred dollars less. If the ThinkPad is out of your price range, the nc6140 offers a second-best combination of features and performance, plus a lower price.

Measuring 12.9 inches wide, 10.8 inches deep, and 1.2 inches high, the black and gray HP Compaq nc6140 is big for a thin-and-light. At 5.9 pounds, it's also heavy for a thin-and-light, and frequent travelers may want to look for something lighter. The $2,299 ThinkPad Z60t weighs about a half-pound less than the HP, and the $2,166 thin-and-light Dell Latitude D610 weighs 5.34 pounds (though both the ThinkPad and the Dell have smaller screens). Plan to tote another 0.9 pound when you take along the nc6140's AC adapter.

The HP Compaq nc6140's solid if not stunning design will leave you well equipped to handle any basic business task. Its wide, comfortable keyboard provides particularly crisp feedback. The right edge of the standard-size touch pad has a strip for scrolling through documents and Web pages, and the bottom edges of both mouse buttons are slightly raised to help your fingers feel where the buttons end and the wrist rest begins. Though the nc6140 lacks external multimedia controls, six buttons above the keyboard let you adjust volume, turn wireless radio on and off, access the preloaded help application, and launch presentations at predetermined display settings. The nc6140's two speakers sound better than the average laptop's, offering good dimension if not a lot of bass.

While all HP Compaq nc6140 models ship with a 15-inch screen, our evaluation system included a high 1,400x1,050 native resolution that enables graphics to appear in fine detail but makes text a bit tiny. The WWAN antenna is integrated into the plastics above the display--a sturdier design than the Sony VAIO TX670P's, whose antenna sticks off to the side. After purchasing a WWAN account through Verizon (account prices vary but start at $59 per month), the nc6140's antenna and internal EV-DO card help you connect to the Net wherever cellular networks exist--that is, just about everywhere. However, beware that cellular data networks occasionally suffer from poky performance.

The HP Compaq nc6140 includes almost every connector available. Along with a built-in optical drive (our unit shipped with a CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive), the right edge provides headphone, microphone, serial, and two USB 2.0 ports. Two more USB 2.0 ports are on the opposite edge, joined by two Type II PC Card slots plus VGA, four-pin FireWire, Gigabit Ethernet, and 56K modem ports. Parallel and S-Video-out ports sit on the back edge, while an IR port and a six-in-one flash media-card slot are on the front edge. Last but not least, a docking port lies underneath the laptop. About the only connectors missing from this list are an Express Card slot and S/PDIF audio.

HP preloaded our evaluation system with the Windows XP Professional operating system. The nc6140's software bundle is fairly typical for a business laptop; while it lacks a productivity suite, it does include Sonic's RecordNow 7 and DLA 4 and InterVideo's WinDVD Creator 2 for burning discs, as well as HP ProtectTools for managing the system's security settings.

Our nc6140 evaluation system included average components: a fast 2GHz Pentium M processor; 512MB of slow 333MHz memory; a midsize 60GB hard drive that spins at a decent 5,400rpm; and an economical Intel 915GM graphics chip that steals up to 128MB of VRAM from main memory. Though HP does not currently sell this exact configuration, the company offers a slightly higher-end model that has 1GB of RAM and a DVD burner for $1,949.

The HP Compaq nc6140 struggled in CNET Labs' tests, scoring a respective 19 percent and 13 percent behind the similarly configured ThinkPad Z60t and Dell Latitude D610. The ThinkPad and the Dell also shipped with larger batteries, so each lasted longer than the HP in our drain tests: the HP cut out 3 minutes shy of 4 hours, whereas the ThinkPad lasted 4 hours, 15 minutes, and the Dell endured for 4 hours, 9 minutes.

The standard warranty for the HP Compaq nc6140 lasts for three years--two years longer than the warranties offered with most home and small-business laptop vendors. Toll-free tech support is available for the length of the warranty. HP's support Web site provides the typical FAQ and troubleshooting information, along with a helpful Active Chat feature that lets you engage in real-time exchanges with tech-support reps.

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Thomson unveils wireless home devices

France's Thomson on Wednesday unveiled products including a television remote control that can surf the Web and a system to record TV broadcasts on laptop computers.The manufacturer -- which has increased its focus on communications and technology development but still makes telephones, music players and devices under the RCA, GE and LYRA brands -- also introduced a wireless cable modem that carries digital voice and high-speed data services and said it would in April or May sell a next-generation HD DVD player for $499.

"Consumers are asking for easy-to-use technology that will unify different communications in the home and they want it without wires," said Thomson Executive Vice President Mike O'Hara at a press conference.

Thomson also showed a system, available later this year, that lets mobile phone users connect to their home systems, so that any handset in a house can answer a cell phone call. Marketed under the GE brand name, the system uses the Bluetooth short range wireless technology.


Toshiba Notebook with HD-DVD

Full press release from Toshiba

Company to Demonstrate HD DVD-ROM Drive Equipped
Qosmio™ Audio-Video Notebook at Booth throughout Show
CES 2006, Central Hall, Booth #12827, Jan. 4, 2006 –

Continuing to drive the mobile computing industry with innovation, Toshiba’s Digital Products Division (DPD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., is demonstrating an HD DVD-ROM drive equipped Qosmio™ audio-video notebook PC at its CES booth this week, the first notebook computer to integrate an optical drive under the DVD Forum’s new HD DVD media standard.

Combining stunning visual detail and enhanced audio capabilities, the HD DVD drive equipped Qosmio will allow consumers to be able to enjoy high-definition video content anywhere in the home or on the go with external power. With its similar disc structure, HD DVD is backwards compatible with the current DVD formats. The drive can read or write current DVD formats, allowing users to continue playing compatible discs in their existing DVD collections, offering the optimum entertainment notebook PC experience.

Other benefits of HD DVD include discs that offer 30GB of storage capacity, enough for playing long-running high-definition movies, and discs that are less sensitive to surface blemishes and fingerprints.

“Toshiba is leading the industry in bringing HD DVD technology to market to allow people to enjoy high-definition video content,” said Mark Simons, vice president and general manager, Digital Products Division, Toshiba America Information Systems. “Our Qosmio line has always been at the cutting-edge of digital convergence, but with HD DVD we are now integrating consumer electronics innovation into the notebook PC simultaneously with its introduction into CE products.”

Toshiba Showcasing First Notebook Computer with HD DVD-ROM at CES 2006

The Qosmio will feature several new technologies to enhance the playback of HD DVD video content, including:
• Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile technology-based platform (code-named “Napa”) built around Intel’s first mobile dual-core processor;

• the world’s first 1-bit digital amplifier in a notebook PC, often featured in high-end audio systems;

• new bass-reflex speaker technology from harman/kardon®, allowing greater amplification and clarity;

• Dolby Home Theater™, delivering a richer, more engaging surround sound experience from stereo and multichannel audio sources through headphone, 2- or 5.1-channel speaker system;

• Toshiba original HD DVD playback software;

• new Toshiba Ultimate TruBrite™ display with enhanced color saturation for more life-like images that supports resolution up to 1080p signal format;

• and next-generation NVIDIA® graphics for state-of-the-art performance.

“Toshiba’s new notebook offers the best in entertainment, combining their innovative notebook design with integrated HD DVD and Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005,” said Kevin Unangst, director of Windows Digital Media at Microsoft Corp. “This is a fantastic advancement in delivering high-definition entertainment experiences in an affordable, flexible notebook form factor.”

“With an integrated HD DVD drive, the Toshiba Qosmio is a great example of a cutting-edge notebook based on Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology that can deliver a generational leap forward in users’ entertainment experiences,” said Keith Kressin, director of marketing, Intel’s Mobile Platforms Group. “Using Intel Centrino Duo based Toshiba notebooks, people can more fully immerse themselves in music, games and high-definition movies, TV and video.”

Qosmio (pron. “koss-mee-oh”) is Toshiba’s flagship “four-in-one” audio-video notebook PC featuring an integrated TV tuner, digital video recorder (DVR), virtual surround-sound stereo and all the capabilities of a powerful, full-featured notebook PC with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 delivers advanced computing and easy-to-use integrated digital entertainment, including live and recorded television, movies, music, photos and radio, that consumers can enjoy when and how they want. It provides an all-in-one digital entertainment hub, accessible on either a PC monitor or TV display, using a single remote control.
Pricing, availability and specific model number and configuration for the next-generation Qosmio with integrated HD DVD will be announced later in Q106. Some advanced HD DVD features may be limited in initial product.


Sony VAIO FE-Series

The press releases come in a rapid pace today. Earlier today Sony unveiled their brand new stylish VAIO FE-Series.
Full press release from Sony:

VAIO FE-Series: Seeing Is Believing
The entertainment notebook with an edge

The FE-Series is what home users have been waiting for. Portable and powerful, it’s a high-tech showcase designed from the ground up to exceed expectations. Key features include a dual-core processor, powerhouse graphics and a new generation of screen delivering unprecedented colour fidelity and brightness. Its stylish finish is as distinctive as it is appealing, constructed from magnesium alloy for strength, lightness and sheer quality feel.

No matter what you are doing with the FE, the quality of its screen will quickly make itself felt. The 15.4-inch widescreen format and high WXGA resolution are ideal for watching films and make for a roomy Desktop too. Double lamp illumination means exceptional brightness within the latest generation X-black LCD™, creating lifelike contrast between true blacks and vibrant colours. When it comes to colour fidelity, the new screen is in a class of its own, making it the perfect choice for viewing and editing photos.

For the first time on the market and at the heart of every model in the range, there’s the latest in Intel technology, an Intel® Core™ processor and new Intel PM945 chipset, selected for their unbeatable mix of power and potential. With dual-core processors set to make a big impact on everything from gaming to video editing, the FE-Series is born future-proofed.

Gamers will be equally interested in the muscular presence of the new PCI Express® based NVIDIA® GeForce™ Go 7400 graphics engine, capable of delivering fluid 3D action and impressively realistic visual effects.

When it comes to the real world, a built-in camera1, headset and microphone let you use the FE as a full-spectrum communications centre. This Skype-enabled laptop allows for video chat and videoconferencing and the added Bluetooth 2.02 function ensures a connection to your Bluetooth headset, telephone and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

The strong entertainment feel to the FE-Series is reflected in the choice of Windows® Media Center Edition for the operating system rather than XP Home. Every FE-Series model also comes with the most comprehensive VAIO software package to date. This combines Sony AV-IT applications and Microsoft® Works with the latest Adobe products including Photoshop® Elements 4.0 software, Premiere® Elements 2.0 software and Acrobat® Elements 7.

As a result of this new software package, picture, music and especially video libraries can get quite large, which is why the standard hard disk size for the

FE-series is a full 100GB. For the more ambitious, the VGN-FE11S has a massive 160GB.

“The FE-Series gives home users a realistic opportunity to get everything they want,” says Jun Koyama, Director of IT for VAIO Europe. “There is no compromise on quality, performance or features. As with any VAIO, this is a notebook we simply want people to be proud to own.”
1, 2except model VGN-FE11M


Coupons from Dell Home! on Electronics

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

ThinkAccessories ThinkPad 72W AC Adapter

ThinkPad 72W AC Adapter
Have power when you need it, where you need it, anytime with one of ThinkAccessories's adapters. Keep one on your desk, another at home, and save your batteries for the road.

* Power Adapter Type: AC
* Input Voltage: 100 thru 240VAC
* Output Voltage: 16VDC
* Form Factor: External Brick
* Connector: 2-pin DC
* Cable Length (m): 1.8m
* Power (Watts): 72W Watts

* Compatible with the X, T, R, & A Series ThinkPads, ThinkPad Port Replicator, ThinkPad Port Replicator II, The ThinkPad Multiple Battery Charger and The ThinkPad Multiple Battery Charger II
* Same specifications as the standard 72W AC Adapter that ships with the T, R, & A Series ThinkPads.
price: $46.99

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Targus TLE300 Leather Notebook Case

Targus Leather Notebook Case
The newly re-designed Leather Notebook Case combines the most popular features of our original Leather Notebook Case, such as the zip down workstation and reliable notebook protection, with increased functionality and a removable mesh accessory pouch for added storage. The nyflex-lined notebook compartment accommodates notebooks with screens up to 15.4". The workstation includes pockets for a PDA, pens, business cards and other mobile necessities.


  • Color: Black
  • Device Compatibility: 14.2" x 2" x 11.6"
  • Exterior Dimensions: 15" x 5.4" x 13.5"
  • Exterior Material: Genuine leather
  • Weight: 3.1lb


  • Notebook compartment with protective nyflex lining fits notebooks with up to 15.4” screens
  • Front zip-down workstation houses business card holder, key clip, pen loops, accessory pockets and file section
  • Removable, mesh accessory pouch
  • External mobile phone pocket
  • Luggage strap for easy attachment to rolling travel cases
Price: $39.9


Monday, January 02, 2006

Apple to release light-weight notebooks for ladies

Take this Apple “notebook” rumor for what you will but the Taipei Times is reporting that Apple is set to unveil new “light-weight models with a stylish design aimed at luring female users” sometime next year. What’s odd here are the specifics provided by an analyst who, as we all know are bound by non-disclosure. Seems Topology analyst Simon Yang has gone on record calling for a new 3.3-pound, 12-inch “notebook” as well as a 14-inch model below 4.9-pounds expected to hit the streets sometime next year.

[via - Engadget]

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Disney USB Memory keychain

If you're looking for a keychain AND a USB memory key AND a ridiculously tacky thing, these CandySticks by Buffalo are what you need! The storage capacity ranges from 128 to 256Mb. No prices are known at this moment, but they should hit the stores very soon.
[ via- akihabara]


Flybook - Fashionable Notebook Computer

Who says swish tech can't be fashionable? Certainly not Dialogue Corporation, who will be unveiling their Flybook 3G Notebook during New York Fashion Week.

Available in white, red, yellow, orange, blue, silver and black; I must admit it is stylish enough to accompany any couture. But the Flybook isn't just about looks. Its optional touch-screen technology allows it to be navigated via keyboard or stylus; it has external inputs for TV and DVD; offers a variety of connectivity options (WiFi, GPRS and Bluetooth) and if you pop in your SIM card, you can use it to make mobile calls.


Inclosia's Denim/Wood/Leather/Metal Gadgets

I was just mooching about on the HS Design website (as you do) when I came upon these Inclosia Solutions laptops developed in association with HS Design. Inclosia has been fiddling about with different fabrics (such as wood, metal, denim, leather and suede), creating an EXO Overmoulding System that can be added to your laptop, mobile phone, or any other gadget (presumably) to create something that's just a little bit different. These are the guys who helped develop those Tulip laptops, which uses the same overmoulding techniques to create the body of the notebook, and they've also worked with Microsoft to make a real leather mouse. This current batch of laptops appear to be just prototypes at the moment, but who knows: maybe someday you'll be clutching your denim-clad laptop to your denim-clad groin on your way to work.


Every 7th-grader in Illinois should get a laptop, official proposes

Starting in the fall, junior high school students in Illinois could be heading to class with a sleek new tool. Under a proposal by Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, the state would buy 169,000 laptop computers - one for every seventh-grader in a public school - and distribute the machines to each district in the state before classes begin. The students would be allowed to keep the laptop computers over the course of six years.

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Option Unveils GTM351E

This is news article from cxotoday.
Option N.V., the wireless technology company, has unveiled the GTM351E embedded wireless module.

A PCI Express Mini Card module designed primarily for the laptop computer market, the product supports 3G HSDPA/UMTS and Quad band EDGE/GPRS WWAN technologies in a single miniaturized plug-in module package.

Besides the GTM351E launch, Option has also announced that it has been awarded a design win for the product from a major IT manufacturer.

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Toshiba Satellite L25-S119 notebook review

Bright. Fast. Entertaining.
You don't need to be tied to a desktop PC to enjoy a stellar multimedia experience. The Satellite® L25 Series is a powerful and portable notebook featuring robust entertainment features, including a vibrant 15" diagonal TFT active matrix display with TruBrite™ technology, a powerful Intel® Celeron® M Processor , a CDRW/ DVD-ROM Combo Drive, an Express Card slot and a 60GB hard drive

Toshiba doesn't have a desktop line, so why not offer a laptop at desktop prices? The Toshiba Satellite L25-S119 ($750 street) might be the laptop that bargain hunters are looking for, but it's far from perfect. The 15-inch TruBrite screen is a nice feature for a 5.6-pound unit, but performance does take a hit with a 1.5-GHz Intel Celeron M 370 processor and a meager 256MB of RAM.

Dressed in business black, the L25 doesn't have the appearance of a budget laptop. Flipping open the lid reveals the best feature on this laptop—the 15-inch TruBrite screen. It's not the widescreen format most users are used to seeing, but it minimizes scrolling up and down. The 5.6-pound weight is ideal for commuters, and the keyboard has a good feel, even though the touchpad is a little small.

n its defense, the L25 does have some good features for a budget notebook. For example, you get three USB 2.0 ports and an S-Video port, though there is no FireWire port. Also included is a fast 60GB (5,400-rpm) hard drive and a DVD/CD-RW combo drive.

Sure it's a bargain at $750, but low performance hinders its value rating. You'll save money, but you will probably miss features like a multimedia card reader, a bigger hard drive, more RAM, and better battery life. The L25 is suitable for very basic to moderate workloads, but for bigger tasks, we recommend spending an extra $200 for the Dell Inspiron 6000 or the HP Compaq Presario V2000Z.
Price: $750.

Microsoft® Windows® XP Home, Intel celeron M Processor 1.5GHz, 256 DDR2 RAM, 60GB HardDrive, CD-RW / DVD-ROM Combo Drive, ATI Radeon® Xpress 200M, 32MB-128MB Shared, 15" TruBrite TFT active-matrix LCD Display, Weight 5.88 lbs.

User Review:
I agree with the previous reviewers that this laptop a great entry level. The screen is GREAT, integrated wireless works well, and a 60GB hard drive are nice. The two major weaknesses of this product are the tiny amount of RAM (if you try running more than one application at once the thing is unuseable) and the short battery life.
I also agree with previous reviewers that if you add another stick of RAM to this, it rips along quite well.I purchased this as an entry level machine and use it for web-access, MS Office, watching DVDs on the go, uploading and sorting through digital photos while away from home.The Celeron processor really struggles if I try any heavy photo editing but I generally try save that stuff for my desktop machine.


Sigmacom SIGMA HDTV5: hi-def TV for your laptop

Sigmacom just announced their new SIGMA HDTV5 tuner for receiving over-the-air HDTV broadcasts. This compact ATSC-lovin' USB 2.0 tuner targets those of you with the insatiable desire to watch HDTV on your laptops. It features a 1920 x 1080 resolution, composite and S-video inputs, time-shifting live TeeVee, Dolby digital surround, and Internet EPG support to easily schedule your recordings. Available in red, white and green just like auntie's festering log of untouched fruitcake.

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Toshiba, HCL announce new service initiative

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first mass-marketed laptop, the computer systems division of Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd provider of industry-leading portable computers in partnership with HCL, on Monday announced the new service initiative, "Talk-2-Toshiba", a simple 2-step process for users to instantaneously reach Toshiba directly for service support solutions.

Kick-starting the service in India, Rajendra Kumar, Executive Vice President, HCL Infosystems said, "HCL has a long track record of optimum service delivery to its cutomers and Toshiba, for a premium service like 'Talk to Toshiba', found an ideal partner in us. HCL's extensive service and support network spread in 16 locations across the country will ensure prompt service to all customers of Toshiba notebook computers."

Apart from product and technology innovation the key differentiator for Toshiba is its service offerings. The new service initiative, "Talk-2-Toshiba", is a single integrated services platform, with multi-language support and accessible anytime, anywhere in the world for users to pose queries such as, "my notebook is not working," or "where do I go to get the drivers?" through a live interaction with a Toshiba Global Support Center Agent. All a user requires is an internet access and a phone.

To activate this service, the user only requires accessing the Toshiba WEB address and a simple 2-step process to enjoy this call-back service:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Type your phone number in and click on the phone icon

Instantaneously, the phone will ring. Once the call is accepted, a Toshiba Global Support Center Agent will then speak to the user directly. Calls can be of warranty or services nature, or software or hardware issues related to Toshiba notebooks, tablet PCs and pocket PCs.

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