Friday, January 20, 2006

Gateway NX860 Notebook

Gateway NX860 — Leading Technology for Performance-Oriented Tech-Savvy Consumers

Power users who need a PC for home or home office applications will appreciate the 17-inch widescreen and advanced system and graphics performance as well as the extended battery life of the Gateway NX860. It is ideal for digital rendering and photo and video editing. Thanks to its powerful dedicated graphics, advanced Intel Core Duo processor and vibrant display, the Gateway NX860 is also ideal for mobile gaming.

Mainstream Models’ Increased Performance Meet a Variety of Needs

Gateway is also bringing Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology platform to its mainstream line of highly scalable notebook PCs. The models maintain their thin and light design, weigh below 6 pounds, offer a choice of 15-inch and 15.4-inch widescreen displays and provide more than 9 hours of battery life for an appealing balance of performance and portability.(2) Combined with a choice of three integrated Wi-Fi solutions, customers can easily move from location to location for all-day untethered computing.

Models noted below will be available and shipping early February.

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Free PS3/Wii said...

the "9 hrs" they say it'll last is WAY less! I got a laptop that said it would last that long, but I barely use it for general purposes (ie. not to play games) and it eats away the power.

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kun said...

hi, what is the actual battery life, mark?

Anonymous said...

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John said...

Wav! ya it is true. i agree with your article.this is latest technology for laptop accessories.The NX860XL comes with a good mix of standard connections, including four USB 2.0 ports, a FireWire jack, VGA and S-Video outputs, a PC Card slot, headphone and mic jacks, and a flash-card reader.the NX860XL performed very well on our multimedia and application benchmark tests. It earned high scores on our FutureMark PCMark05, Windows Media Encoder, and Cinebench 9.5 tests, proving that it can handle most productivity and multimedia tasks with ease.
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Sherlin said...

The best part of this notebook is that it's easy to upgrade. The battery is amazing it last till 9 hrs.
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