Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thomson unveils wireless home devices

France's Thomson on Wednesday unveiled products including a television remote control that can surf the Web and a system to record TV broadcasts on laptop computers.The manufacturer -- which has increased its focus on communications and technology development but still makes telephones, music players and devices under the RCA, GE and LYRA brands -- also introduced a wireless cable modem that carries digital voice and high-speed data services and said it would in April or May sell a next-generation HD DVD player for $499.

"Consumers are asking for easy-to-use technology that will unify different communications in the home and they want it without wires," said Thomson Executive Vice President Mike O'Hara at a press conference.

Thomson also showed a system, available later this year, that lets mobile phone users connect to their home systems, so that any handset in a house can answer a cell phone call. Marketed under the GE brand name, the system uses the Bluetooth short range wireless technology.


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