Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cheap Laptop computers reviews

So you want a computers/laptops, but dont really know the in's and out's of different models and specifications, warranties, bits and bobs - how do you make a decision?

There are some great deals available when buying. However, buy the wrong unit from the wrong person and you could be opening a big can of worms. Bear these points in mind too if you are thinking about buying a second hand , privately owned unit from the classifieds section news paper.

A cheap price is important to most people but don’t underestimate the importance of consistent and high quality customer service when choosing a dealer from whom to buy your cheap laptops. The best way to judge the quality of the dealer is to shop around. You want to find suppliers that suit your needs, not fit in with their agenda. You also want to make sure that they provide value for money and are competitive with the rest of the market place, especially in comparison with other computers / laptops in the same category or range.

It's important to decide from the onset, which features you are really looking for, rather than trying to check every cheap laptops on the market to find out which is the best. If you have seen a particular model or manufacturer that you like, then this is probably a good place to start. You may have a technical friend who could advise you which model to buy – be careful though, their opinions or strong recommendations may not be necessarily be entirely unbiased - take them with a pinch of salt! Check the forums - you may be able to get some good advice from people that have owned the unit you are considering, or a similar model before.

You are really looking for an internet based dealer who offers the product you are looking for at a good price, with good service and after-sales assurances. Smaller companies are often more customer focused these days than big companies that just don’t have time for individual customer problems, often putting you though automated call routing procedures and then cutting you off or never calling you back - we've all been throuh this and have got quite sick of it now.

Cheap laptop computers from TigerDirect
Acer AS3003WLCi PC
Mobile AMD Sempron™ processor, integrated optical drive, 40GB hard drive
HP nx6110 PR124UA
HP nx6110 Intel Celeron M 360J 1.4GHz / 802.11b-g Wireless / 15-inch XGA / 256MB DDR / 40GB HDD / CD-RW/DVD Combo/ Notebook PC
Systemax Pursuit 4025
Systemax Pursuit 4025 Intel Celeron 15-inch Built-To-Order Notebook PC
ThinkPad T30

Pentium 4-M 1.8GHz / 14.1-inch XGA / 256MB DDR / 40GB HDD / DVD-ROM,Win XP Pro

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