Sunday, November 27, 2005

Choosing the right Dealer

An unreliable supplier is a bane to any business or individual. Not only do you risk losing business because of a lack of ability to deliver orders on time, it can be very frustrating. Poor dealers may not just necessarily be the ones who deliver products late. It could be those suppliers who send the wrong or inferior products, those who refuse to take returns or who offer uncompetitive prices.

Always ensure that a supplier can offer some form of after-sales or technical support. When you buy your computer you will have some form of warranty with it. It is important to find out if it is an on-site warranty or not. If the warranty is not an on-site one, be aware that the computer will have to be returned to the dealer if it needs repair.

if you are buying a computer on the internet, you are unlikely to view the goods until they actually arrive. You must look for cover and assurances from the supplier from whom you decide to purchase so that if you are not content with the quality of the unit you receive, it can easily be returned without penalty.

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