Thursday, December 22, 2005

Asus A6Km-Q002H laptop review

Trusted Reviews has reviewed the Asus A6Km-Q002H and writes - ‘In the performance side of things the A6Km-Q002H is not what you’d call a speed demon. With an overall SYSMark 2002 score of 183 it will perform everyday office tasks without a problem, but it is definitely not up there with the latest Pentium M processor based notebooks. With two hours and 14 minutes battery life in MobileMark 2005 it has some catching up to do to become a business machine, as this just isn’t good enough for mobile business users. The DVD playback test only lasted two hours and five minutes, not exactly impressive either…. The Asus A6Km-Q002H is a averagely specified notebook with a reasonable price and average performance, but it doesn’t have anything that really sets it apart from the competition.’

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