Friday, December 30, 2005

Women's laptop bags for Canadians

Gah! Mine eyes! Possibly a bit too much pink for this time on a Monday morning, but for those of you currently touting the "Board Room Barbie" look, this KaraB shiny pink plastic laptop bag will be the icing on the cake. I'm not sure I actually know anyone currently touting the "Board Room Barbie" look (not least because I just made it up), but there's plenty other pinkophiles out there likely to look upon the Passport Convertible bag with pleasure.

Virago Bags is the shop responsible, and the Canada-based e-tailer is also selling plenty of other lady-friendly laptop bags, including those lovely Melissa Beth ones I popped up a while back, and a selection of impressive, studded Z-Attache cases that will make you look like "Bondage Bitch Board Room Barbie" and thus get my whole-hearted approval. The company ships to Canada and the US, but UK customers will need to look elsewhere for their snazzy bags.

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