Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Which kind of laptop is right for Students

Students and others on a tight budget should look for a cheap laptop computer that delivers the most bang for the buck. In particular, students need a notebook that is small and light enough to lug back and forth across campus, but rugged enough to withstand bouncing around in a rucksack.

It has to be small enough to fit comfortable in a backpack or in your arms. Yet, the student notebook or laptop must have great battery life and performance. Depending on your budget, student laptops also have to be inexpensive.

In other words, the ideal student notebook must have great portability, performance and battery life, yet be lightweight and relatively inexpensive.

key features:

Mobile Celeron, Pentium 4-M, desktop Pentium 4 or PowerPC G4 processor

At least 256MB of memory

Expansive hard drive to hold all those MP3s

CD-RW drive for burning audio CDs( DVD RW for Quality video's)

Wired and wireless networking for network-equipped classrooms

Microsoft Windows XP Home or Apple Mac OS X

Microsoft Office XP Standard Edition or Office X for Mac OS

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