Friday, December 30, 2005

Averatec's aubergine notebook

I'm not as up on laptops as I was back when I worked on What Laptop mag, but I can tell you that this rather good looking Averatec 1050 is nice and lightweight at just 1.6kg, making it portable enough for the likes of you and me (probably doesn't weigh much more than a copy of Marie Claire or similar, those things are enough to pop a capillary). It's got Windows XP plus a Pentium M ULV 733 processor (quoted as running at 1.1GHz, but this is a lot more efficient than a desktop 1.1GHz processor so don't be fooled into direct comparisons). You also get 512MB RAM and an 80GB hard disk drive. The 10.6-inch screen may feel a bit small, but it keeps it compact enough to stick in a tote bag, and apparently it costs just £999, which is a lot less than laptops like this cost in my day.

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